Church History

The Petrey Memorial Baptist Church had its humble beginning in the year 1920.  Brother John Walker received a burden from God for the spiritual relationship of people in the Walkertown section of Hazard, Kentucky.  He felt led of the Lord to have a tent revival that lasted two weeks.  After the revival Brother Walker saw a need for a ministry in the Walkertown area.  He along with several people gathered to begin this ministry as a mission of the Second Creek Baptist Church and called it the Second Baptist Church. Brother Walker served as pastor until 1924.  He felt led to persuade Brother A. S. Petrey to become the pastor.  

Brother Petrey felt the call from God to became the pastor of Second Baptist Church 1924.  Brother Petrey served as pastor from 1924 until 1943. This would be a tremendous ministry started by Brother Walker and Brother Petrey.  In September 1946 the Church voted to build a new building.  On September 5, 1948, the Church met to lay the cornerstone of the new building.  At the completion of the new building, the Church voted to change the name of the Church from Second Baptist Church to the Petrey Memorial Baptist Church.

The building, which is presently used for worship services, was completed on July 24, 1949.  In 1994 (forty-five years later), a new educational building and fellowship hall located across Alto Street in front of the Church were built and put into use.

During the many years of ministry, Petrey Memorial has had 18 pastors leading the ministry: John W. Walker, A. S. Petrey, O. C. Anderson, Lewis M. Bratcher, James E. Howell, Floyd J. Berry, Ross J. Figart, W. M. Averett, Don Pinson, J. F. Chandler, Edmon E. Bolen, Ronnie Pennington, Mark Wilson, Robert Burnett, Nathan Crawford, Bill Scott ,Ronnie Pennington and currently Sam Stacy.

Petrey Memorial Baptist Church has had the privilege of sending out serval men, who surrendered to the call of God, as ministers:  Parcel Flannery, Elmer Sizemore, J. B. Allen, Cosby Hayes, Rex Purvis, Mike Cox, Larry Sizemore, Stephen Whitaker and Tim Reynolds.

The Petrey Memorial Baptist Church has come a long way since the vision of Brother John Walker in 1920.  It has experienced many blessings from God.  This Church was built to serve as a “Shining Light” for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As a Church has been born and a ministry continues, it is the prayer of this body of believers that Jesus continues to be glorified.